That's a great question. Why take do visit Subaru Stamford when you're in need of Subaru service in Stamford, CT?


For one thing, if your vehicle is under a manufacturer's warranty, only a Subaru dealer can honor the coverage. Secondly, only technicians at a Subaru dealership are factory-trained to know the ins and outs of every Subaru model. We have Subaru diagnostic equipment that's specially calibrated to detect all sorts of problems that an untrained eye would miss. We also have genuine Subaru factory parts that meet or exceed the performance of your Subaru's original parts. That means that your vehicle will still run exactly like a Subaru when it leaves our shop -- and isn't that why you invested in a Subaru to begin with?


Now is the time for prep for winter, and you can find out what your car needs to withstand the harsh temperatures here in Connecticut by watching the video below, as well as by reaching out to the knowledgeable sales team here at Subaru Stamford. Our Certified Subaru Service Center serves the entire Stamford, Norwalk, Rye, Greenwich and Danbury area, and we know exactly what type of maintenance your Subaru needs to weather the upcoming winter storms!

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