Why choose Subaru service?

We hear this question a lot because we know our customers are trying to save money. And if you don’t know about the important of OEM parts and certified Subaru service, you probably assume it's worth it to opt for a general mechanic.

Genuine factory parts and professional Subaru service are imperative to the well-being and lifespan of your vehicle. The Certified Subaru Service Center here at Subaru Stamford is staffed by professional Subaru technicians who use specialized diagnostic equipment to service your Subaru. This means we can inspect, diagnose, and repair your Subaru more efficiently and effectively than a general mechanic. OEM parts ensure you get a perfect fit with your vehicle's original parts, thereby preserving the dependable, predictability, and safety of your Subaru. Also, if your vehicle is still under warranty, services are only covered if you take your Subaru to a certified dealership such as ours.

You can schedule service from the comfort of your electronic device or simply reach out to our service advisors at 877-356-9939. You can also learn more about the important of certified Subaru service via the video overview below. Be sure to check out our Subaru service coupons before you head out to your appointment.

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