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Keep Your Furry Friend Safe with OEM Subaru Pet Accessories

When traveling with your furry animal friends, it's imperative to their safety that you have the right parts and accessories to accommodate them. Long road trips are hard enough for humans, let alone for dogs, who are forced to sit in a confined space for hours in a moving vehicle. But thankfully, with the right pet-friendly parts, you can transform your Subaru into a safe sanctuary for all your family's favorite animals.

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Protect Your Vehicle & Your Pets

Here at Subaru Stamford, we offer the latest OEM Subaru pet accessories that are designed to protect your pets, as well as the inside of your vehicle. Dogs are known to shed excessively - especially when road tripping - so Subaru has found a way to protect your interior from amassing too much dog hair while also protecting your furry little friends.

If you're in the market for pet-friendly accessories for your Subaru, we invite you to click to explore our new inventory of pet accessories online. An animal-friendly automotive brand that goes the extra mile to deliver maximum protection for your pets, the experts at Subaru are proud to offer an abundance of active pet safety and protection features for your next animal-friendly adventure.

New OEM Subaru Pet Accessories for Sale

Keeping your Subaru dog safe is the best way to ensure a happy and healthy road trip for everyone on board. Whether you're gearing up for a long adventure or heading downtown to the local dog park, there are a variety of pet-friendly accessories built for your Subaru that are on sale now, including:

  • Padded Cargo Liners & Seat Covers - Dog owner's will love Subaru's pet-friendly liners and covers made with thick padding and a durable polyester shell. Not only does it provide a comfortable area for your furry friends to sit on, but they also protect your cargo floor and seating surfaces from any doggy damages, including scratches, bite marks, accident stains, and excessive dog hair.
  • Pet Safety Harness - Available in a variety of sizes, Subaru's pet safety harness is engineered to help you buckle in your puppy when the going gets tough. Deigned using a padded vest and infinity loop webbing, all Subaru pet safety harnesses are stress-tested to ensure maximum strength and resilience in the event of car crashes and collisions.
  • Pet Carrier & Mobile Pet Bed - A pet carrier for small animals that doubles as a mobile pet bed, this Subaru pet-friendly accessory is multi-functional and essential for any long-distance road trip. It features high-strength Velcro positioning points and seatbelt straps that help you tie down and secure your animal when the roads get bumpy.
  • Pet Ramp - Teaching an old dog new tricks might be hard but helping your old dog in and out of the car is a task all too easy, thanks to Subaru's new pet ramp. Constructed using a combination of plastic and aluminum, the Subaru pet ramp is certified to withstand up to 220 pounds and allows your animals to climb in and out of the vehicle with ease.

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In addition to the pet-friendly accessories listed for sale above, Subaru Stamford also features a small selection of personalized animal-lover knick-knacks and accessories, including pet bandanas, pet travel bowls, license plate frames, and more!

To learn more about new OEM Subaru pet-friendly accessories for your unique Subaru model, please call or contact us online with your vehicle information ready. We'll help you search our new inventory for the best OEM parts on the market to ensure your furry little friends are kept safe and sound inside your Subaru this season!

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