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Special Offers on New Subaru Cars and SUVs in Stamford CT

Between Westchester County and the Connecticut coast, you won't get far before running into another new car dealership. They'll all claim big-time selections of some of the most popular models around, too. But not every dealer caters to the rugged and adventure-ready variety, let alone value that any seasoned traveler can afford. We do. If you're looking at buying or leasing a new Subaru in the Stamford area, you needn't look further than us here at Subaru Stamford. Look for other new Subaru special offers here.

Finance or get a New Subaru Lease Here in Stamford Today, for Less

Planning to drive a new Subaru Ascent home to the family in White Plains? Maybe you've got off-roading out around Westport CT in a new Subaru Outback on your mind. Heading down the road to ownership -- it's exciting. It means freedom of mileage, to go anywhere the open road and unbeaten path call, or just over to Greenwich. That's not to mention that you can customize that ride with a whole lot of Subaru parts and accessories. To help you reach your destination, we make numerous car loan options available at low APR, many with extendable repayment periods. Take care of all your monthly payments, and your vehicle's all yours. 

Does Subaru offer Zero Percent Financing? 

Yes! For a limited time Subaru is offering great lease specials with zero down on select new models. Find an Impreza lease offer, or get a Forester with 0% financing. Check back to this page as specials change monthly. In some cases, you can also get a defered car payment. Contact our dealership for specifics. 

Find an Outback Lease Offer or Forester Lease Offer in Stamford

On the other hand, perhaps you're sticking to a budget and not looking to own, just commuting to the day-job in Port Chester and around Norwalk CT in the short run and planning to explore another new Subaru car or SUV down the line. We get it. We can't think of anyone who wouldn't appreciate the ability to step into, say, a new Subaru Legacy or Impreza every few years. If this describes you, signing a Subaru lease might be the right choice. Most agreements last 36 months, and monthly expenses can be lower than on an auto loan because you're only paying down depreciation, not your vehicle's total cost. You'll have to observe mileage limits, follow excessive wear and tear clauses, and take care of a few lease-end obligations when yours is up. However, they're flexible.

Not sure which route to take? We'll be glad to offer professional financing vs. leasing advice. Call or visit our Subaru loan and lease center here at 198 Baxter Ave to discuss the many opportunities open to you. We can also help you with Subaru lease return options when the time comes. If you'd like to save a little time before visiting, you can even apply for one or the other, right here online. It's as simple as completing a form. 

We'll bet you have questions, or that you'd like to cut straight to scheduling a test drive. Feel free to give our sales department a call, send us an e-mail, or drop by our showroom -- we'll be looking forward to meeting you!