Subaru Stamford - Your Eco-Friendly Certified Subaru Dealership in Stamford, CT


Here at Subaru Stamford, we believe that our dealership should function to only benefit our environment. To promote these green initiatives and play our part in taking care of the planet, we officially became certified through the Eco-Friendly Retailer Program. To achieve this status, our Subaru dealer location here in Stamford met five different certification requirements. Learn more about these provisions with a closer look at what the program entails.

Requirement One - Energy Efficient
To ensure we lower energy use at our Subaru dealer location, our team installed LED lighting and programmable thermostats and occupancy sensors to achieve this eco-friendly effect.
Requirement Two - Conserve Water
It's easy to get carried away with water use and not even think about. But our team remains mindful to conserve water, installing several features to help us with these efforts. Installed low-flow faucets and toilet fixtures, along with landscaping that prioritizes less water waste, keeps our facility prepped to abide by this requirement.
Requirement Three - Recycle
Landfills can quickly fill up with unnecessary trash that you could just as easily labeled recycle-friendly if not careful. We focus on recycling every possible resource we can to prevent this from occurring.
Requirement Four - Manage Waste
From oil to coolant, batteries, tires and other genuine Subaru auto parts, we utilize several components that require careful disposal measures. And we ensure proper protocol is followed with this process, managing the dangers of this waste in a responsible manner.
Requirement Five - Involved in Community
Our Subaru Love Promise, among several other community initiatives, gets us frequently involved in causes we believe in to make a difference and help those in need. We deeply value these connections to our communities and look forward to donations, sponsorships, and event participation.


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