Which Subaru Vehicles have Recalls?

Subaru Stamford is the Answer to all of your Subaru Recall Needs

As you could guess from the brand's reputation for reliability and crash protection, safety is of the utmost importance to Subaru. So if Subaru determines there's a possibility that your new Subaru includes a faulty part, the brand will issue a recall out of an abundance of caution.

While there may be no reported accidents stemming from the recall, addressing recall repairs promptly is imperative to you safety, as well as to the longevity of your vehicle. The shop here at Subaru Stamford provides certified Subaru service in Stamford that's backed by the manufacturer. Only an authorized Subaru service center can perform recalls up to code -- and it's the only place you can have recall repairs performed for free. Subaru covers the cost for all recall repairs, even if you're having it services at a dealership other than the one you purchased it from.

Easily Schedule Subaru Recall Repairs in Stamford

Our facility is centrally located for drivers all over the Norwalk, Rye, Greenwich and Danbury, CT, and we staff our service center accordingly. We're able to hang a high volume of customers on any given day. Please contact our service advisors if your vehicle has been subjected to a recall, or if you're unsure if a recent recall applies to your Subaru. You can reach us at 203-252-2131 six days a week, or you can schedule service via our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.